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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Friendly Fishes team is ephemeral. Functioning more as a collective, each project attracts different individuals with varying skills in the film industry.

Good films come about in the process, so we like to make the process as fun and inclusive as possible. Our sets, shoots, and edit rooms are fueled by creative drive, laughter, and comradery.

Here is a list of frequent collaborators.

Jordan Hoffmaster

Owner & TEam Leader

I am many things, but for the purpose of this introduction, I am a creative. An award-winning filmmaker. A writer, director, and producer. A cinematographer and photographer. And, maybe the most important of all, a storyteller...


I see the world most clearly through the lens of my camera. I have a passion for creating content that sheds light on issues with roots in conservation, wildlife, and the natural world. Over time, I have developed a deep fondness and respect for wild spaces, and I am fascinated by the stories that can be found there. 

Loaded with camera equipment and raw creativity, I find myself following threads, different versions of Earth's breadcrumbs, to find stories worth telling. I often help to weave translations for the scientific jargon of research papers and documentation, to share important research and discoveries in a way that everyone can understand. I work closely with scientists and conservationists, people who have a voice that needs to be heard and amplified outside the scientific community. With a background in zoology, I use my experience in the scientific world and my skills as a filmmaker to be that amplification. Films and digital media platforms bridge the gap between scientists and a broader audience. Effective, clear communication with the public is a key element of successful conservation. I believe films serve that purpose beautifully.

My one goal is to share stories that matter, stories that will make a difference. With my work, I want to make audiences think more critically about the earth and their choices' impact on the future. By merging film with science, I want to spur contemplation and questions about the steps that we as humans can take to protect the world around us. If I can craft a film that changes one person's mind and shifts a single perspective, I am doing something right. 

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Portrait Credit: Colin Ruggiero

In the field

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