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a docuseries

In Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, a dedicated team of land stewards has been working to restore an old cattle ranch to create a haven for wildlife. Now, 15 years later, the work continues and the stewards are finally beginning to witness the spectacular results of their efforts.


Storm over Baldy Mountain.
Double rainbow over an area of MPG Ranch known as the Seed Farm. Realm of Steward McKenzie Sebastian
Sunset over the Bitterroot Mountains.
Foggy morning at the ranch.
Sandhill crane
Jeff Clarke walks in field of grass.

MPG Ranch is a 15,000-acre property in Montana, dedicated to restoration and conservation. It serves as a kind of biological research station, the entire landscape an experiment. The ultimate goal? Restore as much biodiversity as possible.


An assortment of stewards… scientists, researchers, and caretakers have dedicated the last 15 years to achieving that goal.


Restoring what was once a heavily used cattle ranch has not been easy. The ecosystems have been thrown off balance by the long periods of agricultural use. From replacing thousands of acres of grass crops with native plant communities to planting thousands of trees the stewards of this place have certainly had to get their hands dirty over the years. Working to change and revitalize a damaged landscape. Creating habitats for a wide array of wildlife and endlessly studying the responses of native species to the restoration efforts. And finally, after all this time and tireless work, they are starting to witness the beautiful results. 


The ranch is now a rich, thriving web of ecosystems and home to thousands of native species from wildflowers and pollinators to elk and black bears. MPG is the breath-taking setting for a story of restoration, conservation, and raw passion for the natural world. 


Hosted by modern mountain man, Joshua Lisbon, a naturalist and wildlife tracker working at the ranch, this six-part series follows the stewards of MPG as they work through a year of new goals and challenges. Along the way, they explore the history of the ranch and share their passions for MPG in particular and nature as a whole. They delve into the lives of the wonderful, colorful, charismatic wildlife that spend their lives on the ranch. Weaving the human and nature threads together into the unique story of a special place and the people that have fallen in love with it. 




Joshua Lisbon (host, narrator, writer, tracker, educator)

Jeff Clarke (field crew, field project manager)

Chuck Casper (restoration ecologist, restoration team leader)

McKenzie Sebastian (seed team leader, restoration team)

Mike McTee (hunter, author, researcher)

Marirose Kuhlman (pollinator researcher, Missoula Weed District) 

William Blake (avian biologist, American Bird Conservancy)

Craig Jourdonnais (big game researcher, past game warden)



Night sky over the Bitterroot River.
Ducks take advantage of habitat at MPG.
Insect in a Bitterroot flower.
Painted Turtle basks.
Marirose Kuhlman shares a moment with a butterfly.
Steward, William Blake, handles a Lewis's Woodpecker.
Mule deer buck drinks from Bitterroot River
Steward, Craig Joudonnais, conducts a winter aerial big game survey.
Bee visits Lupine flower.
Porcupine takes a nap.
Honey Bee on morning flowers in the seed farm.
Great Horned Owl perches in the floodplain.
Host, Joshua Lisbon, sets out to learn more about the stewards.
Pollinators are a critical part of the ecosystem function at the ranch.
Mike McTee enjoys a moment of contemplation during a hunt.
Mike McTee stops to listen during a hunt.
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