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Imagine if we could turn back time. Centuries rewritten. Working to heal history’s impact on the land, we look to the past to inform the best path into the future. Stories, long forgotten, reawakened by the promise of a new direction. Ancient landscapes revitalized, and their original glory restored. The animals that roamed these lands once again find a home, where they will not just survive… but thrive!


This multi-episodic series showcases stories of earth-keepers. All of which are diligently working to understand the natural world and restore healthy ecosystems with one goal in mind. To find the wild that once was and bring it back. While, along the way, reconnecting humans to nature and inspiring all to be better stewards of the land. 


Currently in production, the series takes place in Montana on a conservation property known as MPG Ranch. Historically, ranch land used for livestock grazing and agriculture now serves as a biological field station, providing the opportunity to study everything from soil microbes and native plant seeds to megafaunas, such as elk, bears, and everything in between. MPG is the perfect place for researchers to dive into the natural world. Every episode will highlight a different project and researcher, interpreting their findings for all to understand and apply to your backyard! 

How can you be a better steward of land?

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